first taste

We opened our first bottle of home brew. It tasted like real beer. Yeah! So impressed with my sweet man's adventure!

zip zip zip

The boys put up the zip line this past weekend and boy was it fun. It is much longer than we had it in CT and on a bit of a slant so it goes fast. They were thrilled with Daddy's idea and have been having a grand time on it. (We are making our own backyard adventure camp.)

5 months

My beautiful babe is 5 months old already.

He is no longer that fragile little guy.
He is growing strong and sturdy.
He rolls over from belly to back and then back to belly.
He holds and clutches things.
He giggles a wonderful belly laugh, mostly for his brothers.
He plays peek- a- boo with you.
He raises his voice when he wants to be heard over all the commotion of two older brothers and a puppy. He blows bubbles and makes raspberry sounds.
He loves to listen to stories.
He bangs on the floor. 
He knows how to get his father going already- just cry for mommy:).
He snuggles and hugs and kisses, if you don't mind the slobber.
He is the most wonderful addition to our family.

He is pure sweet love.


The next steps were taken in our home brew production. It smelled like beer and looked pretty good. Only a few more weeks before the first taste.

offline for a week

So the weather was intensely hot all last week and by nightfall we were having some pretty amazing thunder storms. Which knocked out our Internet service, and being out in the woods it took them a week to fix the problem.  Therefore I was not able to blog, among other things that I use the computer for. I could have gone to the library or other place for Wi-Fi but I was content to just ride it out. I did miss posting pictures for family and friends,  but otherwise it was a nice break, as I sometime find myself just searching the web for no good reason and wasting valuable time for other things.

As you can see from the pictures much was going on.

Puppy love, golf, building, toe awe, first popsicle(all water) and a first drawing.

Life is good right where we are.


odds and ends
thoughts that have crossed my mind
each one not enough for its own post
but giving you a small glimpse 
 into this daily life of ours 
*This little man knows just how much he is loved by his big brothers*

*The big boys are playing golf and soccer this summer*

*They just finished attending a full week of adventure camp where they hiked, golfed, ice skated, kayaked, swam, surfed, and had and awesome time. I wish I could have gone.*

* I thought we had escaped the hot weather by living surrounded by trees. The house does not get too hot but being outside we are getting eaten up by bugs. So currently our days are spent playing inside, with lots of games and art activities.*

*Harkin is rolling over and over*

* My favorite time of day right now is early mornings when the tiny bug(Harkin) wakes up and likes to talk to his Mama and Daddy is the sweetest little voice*

*Wonder every day how time goes by so quickly and trying my best to enjoy every moment*

*Making our own popsicles*

*Laughing at Jax, when he gets his own dogsicle( an ice cube). He thinks they are the grandest things.*

what's brewing

Eric has been busy on the weekends building his own little brewery. He will be bottling this upcoming weekend. Here's hoping for a sweet tasting beer!

new stuff

Harkin got a new stuffed giraffe from his Auntie and absolutely loves it. He can hold it and play with it, but especially loves to chew on it.  He also got his very first wagon ride recently, pulled ever so gently by his older brothers.

weekend work

With two lawnmowers, (one is ours, the other is the landlords), and two strong boys the lawn gets done quickly and nicely.

Harkin's blanket

With such a quiet day yesterday I was able to finish up Harkin's blanket. It was a quick knit and is so soft. 100% organic cotton. Hoping he snuggles with it often.

Happy 4th of July

Hope everyone had a wonderful day!

Ours was a quiet one. Relaxing and filled with family love. Ending with an awesome dinner by Dad, consisting of ribs, corn, Cesar salad, grilled bread and a no-bake cheesecake!
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