drawing tools: woodless colour pencils

These are my favorite drawing and writing material right now.  They are woodless, meaning it is all color throughout the entire pencil.  They go on so smooth and make drawing so much fun.  I also love writing with them.  I use them every night when I write in the boys' journals.

Specifics: KOH-I-NOOR Woodless Colour Pencils. Made in Czech Republic.
I bought ours at Michael's craft store. Great when you have coupons as they can be expensive.  This is a set of 24 but our first set was only 12.

They are a woodless pencil with a lacquer-coat.  Can sharpen with a regular pencil sharpener.  They blend well and have such wonderful shades of colors.  They can break easily if dropped so beware!

I am in no way shape or form receiving any endorsements for reviewing products. Just want to share the things that we love with others.


  1. Those look gorgeous. Since we no longer has a silly list of back to school supplies, I have started investing in quality materials that we need. My girls kept their expensive markers in the case and did not lose one all year long. In September I am going to splurge on Prismacolor markers and perhaps these as well......

  2. These look really neat...I must add them to my art supply collection

  3. I hope you do. They are very addicting to color with.

  4. Those look great! Next coupon....

  5. Wonderful pencils. So glad you introduce new and fun things for the boys. Added benefit...you enjoy them too. Love, XXXOOO


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