battle and heartbreak

We tried something new last night. We went to a youth fighter practice. It was going to teach how to properly battle pre-17th century.

The boys were thrilled and had been anticipating this for 2 weeks.

There was much armor to put on first.

William was one of the first ones to be chosen to battle. There was a much bigger turnout than expected.

Landon patiently waited his turn, while Will was having a grand ol' time.

Then the heartbreak happened. As Landon was trying to get the rest of his armor on, he was asked his age.  A proud response of "I'm five." 

"Oh, you can't fight until your 6."


Apparently the woman who runs it had said five year olds were fine, until she saw how many children showed up.  

My heart just ached as I held my sobbing 5 year old. He had looked forward to this for over a week. 

It was a very sad night. There was some serious  miscommunication. And for that my little one  had his heart broken. I know life is full if disappointments but as a mama, I try to my best to prevent situations like this.  Like we never would have gone had I known he couldn't do it.

It is a new day and life will go on, but oh, man was it hard.

On a good note, William learned some of the rules and techniques so I am sure they will be trying them out in our backyard. Plus we saw some neat shields and swords that we can make ourselves.


  1. Ugh. How terrible for a child to have to handle such disappointment. I hope the coordinators realized their error and offered him an apology.

  2. That was so hard for Landon !!!
    Did get your phone message. Am still sick will be around tomorrow.

  3. As a Grammy I can't stand that they didn't let Landon fight. Such a big disappointment for no good reason. Building character hurts so many times. Love to Landon and all. XXXOOO


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