doing without

We have been here in our new place just over 2 months. Since we were renting out our house in CT we left all of our kitchen appliances for our new tenants. One being the microwave. I had been wanting to get rid of it for awhile. It was taking up so much of our counter space.

Well when we moved in here, there was no microwave. We thought about buying a new one but it wasn't at the top of our to do list. There were other things that needed our attention. So we have been making do without one and it seems to be working out fine. We do have left overs, so when we need to heat them up we have to think a bit ahead and turn the oven or stove on to reheat things. Learning that not everything in life needs to be a quick fix. Sometimes things take time. Or if you don't want to wait: eat it cold: it's not so bad.

It is one less appliance to worry about cleaning and does not take up space on our counter. Plus I have read here and there that it is not the best thing for you health wise. When you don't have something you make do; and you can learn not to miss it.


  1. I got rid of my microwave years ago after reading about a study that microwaved water kills plants. I have not missed it. We use our toaster over or stove top to reheat. I have a feeling you will never go back to it!

  2. We haven't have one in over ten yrs. We use our little toaster oven or iron skillet to reheat- happy and healthy!

  3. Good for you. I grew up without a Microwave and could easily live without it now. Love to all, XXXOOO

  4. We don't have one either. We do the same as Misty, reheat in the toaster oven or iron skillet.


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