an afternoon outside

It was a glorious day. Not too hot, no bugs and a delightful breeze. The boys set up a little camp and we brought out our drawing supplies. We all had such a lovely time. William said how much he missed us all drawing together. It used to be the way we ended our day, right before afternoon cleanup and dinner. We obviously need to get back to a regular drawing time.

Which is one of my big goals for the fall. Having a regular rhythm. I know how much it helps everyone. It has just been hard when I don't get enough sleep the night before and we just need a mellow day. But that is improving each day. Harkin is sleeping much better these days, so maybe we'll get a few months of full nights sleep before things change again.

And now to find some new drawing materials!


  1. I bet it makes your heart sing to see your three boys out there, creating. Just lovely. Have a wonderful weekend.


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