Oh, comfy big bed

The kids have always slept with us. Harkin was no exception, except that he seems to wake up a lot and moves around like crazy. Eric was just not getting a good enough sleep to function well the next day at work. Harkin and I moved into his room a few months ago. We had been sleeping on a tiny mattress. The one that came from the pull out chair and half. It was a twin, thin and I could feel the springs in my back.

We finally were able to get a new mattress. We went with a memory foam. It is pretty comfortable. Harkin loves it and loves having Mama right next to him all night long.

Here he is reading books in the early morning hours. A great way to start the day, don't ya think?


  1. Replies
    1. One of the few things I have saved. It was first worn by William and I still love it every time I put it on the kids.

  2. A wonderful way to start the day. The night seems pretty wonderful too! Love to all, XXXOOO


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