1 month

It is hard to believe that Issabelle is one month old already!  She is getting so big, just keeps on drinking Mama's milk and adding on the pounds. She is around 12 pounds by now. She is staying awake a little more each day and likes to check out her older brothers. They are helping to make her smile. My most favorite thing is when she giggles right after nursing. She has her own private joke of sorts.

We made our first real big outing last week when we went to the water park for Harkin's birthday, but other than that we are happy at home. We are going to start venturing out more now that she is a little older.

Our nights are still a bit hard as she will sleep but only when I am holding her. So I lay down in an inclined position and she snuggles up to sleep for a few hours at a time. It is not the best situation but it will only last for a short time and I want to savor it for as long as I can.  I certainly don't want her to cry herself to sleep, so this is the way it is.  And we are managing. Our days are home are slow but good.

The boys are loving her to pieces and everyone wants to help when she is crying. Harkin even tells me to go and get her when she is crying. He wants to help pat her back and gives her kisses to make her happy. It is all so cute and precious. And absolutely wonderful!


  1. A month already!!! She is beautiful, enjoy every moment my friend.

  2. Yes absolutely wonderful. She is precious and pure love. XXXOOO


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