2 month photo shoot

Our little girl is 2 months already. Time is just flying by. I never know where the time goes. We are all enjoying her so much. She loves her brothers dearly. Each one is so very sweet to her in their own way. William is my big helper, holding her often and can put her to sleep better than I can some days. Landon keeps her happy during our car rides. He makes sure she is snuggled up warm and will make faces at her or sing to her if she gets upset. Harkin sleeps next to her and loves to snuggle in the morning and always makes sure she has her milk, a clean diaper and tells mommy that the baby needs me.

She is sleeping much better these days, and is weighing in at 14 1/2 lbs. She is beginning to laugh and talk more each day and her smile just melts my heart.  All is well in the life of Miss Issabelle.


  1. Goodness, how did that happen? It seems like yesterday you were welcoming her into the world. Time sure does fly. She is beautiful, and you can definitely tell they are all related :)

    Hope all is well in your world. xo

  2. Love the photo shoot. And Issabelle is blowing bubbles! Way to go. The pictures are such fun to see. I can see how good they all look. Thanks, XXXOOO


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