august days

The days have been hot. We have had visitors. Tons of fun has been had. There has been a little accident that involved stitches. We've played games, swam and baked. Books have been piling up from 4 different libraries. An amazon gift card was won for 16,000 pages read.  Crawling has been mastered.  Meet ups with friends have been awesome. Lots of ice cream has been consumed. Too many late nights for Daddy. Plans are being made for vacation. Soccer has begun. Beds have been rearranged.  All 4 kids are growing- William is taller than his Mama!!!  Fall activities are being scheduled. We've been gifted with new toys. A new hat has been knitted. Scrap booking projects are coming along. The "big green egg" has provided us with some tasty meats. August is escaping us all too quickly.  Hoping to fit in a few more days like today--friends, water, sun. Loving life right now!

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful days, wonderful memories, wonderful children, wonderful parents, wonderful time! XXXOOO


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