making money

The boys were determined to make some money last week. We had stayed close to home so they came up with a plan to sell things.

There was fresh squeezed lemonade made by Will. Landon sold rocks he had collected and split open - so they weren't ordinary rocks- but special. I also had a few books we were done with. They spent two days at about 3 ours each out there. We don't live on a very busy road but thankfully there were a few people who were interested and William broke even. He had made the investment into the lemonade all by himself. Landon did the best since he did't have to invest in his product and actually sold 20 rocks!

They said they had fun hanging out  and just chatting with one another. I was impressed with their signs they had made and the fact that they stayed out as long as they did. The first day it was pretty darn hot. And what a great learning experience!!


  1. How wonderful! Wish I could have stopped by for a glass of lemonade, and a rock for our collection :)

  2. Entrepreneurs at their best. Hard work reaps rewards! (even if it is breaking even.) XXXOOO


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