highlights from maine

We headed east just a few short hours. Issabelle does not like to be in her car seat too long. Of course this time she did decide to sleep most of the way. Anyways we had a fun week doing some pretty mellow activities- swimming, zip lining, gondola rides, bouncing, kayaking, mini-golf, disc-golf, tennis, ping pong, video games, driving , and lots of good eating.

It was our first family vacation in over two years and the first time traveling with 4 kids. We managed pretty well. It was nice to have Daddy all to ourselves. We miss him while he is at work. Today was his first day back and everyone was feeling a bit sad. We are starting to get into our new rhythm now that summer is drawing to a close- although we still may try to get in another day at the water.

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  1. What gorgeous pictures (that sunflower one is my most favorite)! All of the kids have grown so much and look so much older than the last time I peeked in! Life has been so wacky with all these renovations that I am so behind in so many things (especially my blog reading)! I feel bad that I have been so out of touch and I hope that now that things are coming to an end with these renovations that I'll be able to get caught up and back to my usual routine/rhythm!

    I hope that your September is off to a great start! xo


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