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I seemed to have left blog land. Ever since our vacation when I had no laptop with me and was off line all week it was nice not sitting down at the computer and reading or waiting for pictures  to upload. Instead I read and knitted. A lot. And although I probably could leave the blogging world behind I know there are few people who rely on it to see how our lives are going and if I ever get to it I would love to print out a book for our permanent library.  So I shall continue but when I am feeling up to it.

The past week and a half has just flown by. We are still trying to get into the new rhythm of classes, soccer and our days at home. There is always an adjustment period and soon it will all flow together.

I of course, looked at the calendar and said "Hey, its labor day, what are we planning on studying this year?" "Do we need new curriculum?" Then had a bit of a two day freak out with late nights looking at all the stuff that can drive any homeschooler crazy. Which I finally came to my senses and remembered we have several library cards. There is always so many resources to find there and the fact that what we want to study are our interests. So I'm good for now. I have a somewhat plan of things we like and a few good books and we will take it from there.

On top of all that I have two busy little ones that keep me busy day and night. Things are good but can be a bit tiring for all of us. I'll keep posting about our activities and such as much as I can.

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  1. I am amazed by all you do. I count myself as one of the many who rely on the blog to keep abreast of the children's doings. I understand if you need to decrease time on the blog. Do what is best for your family. And when you can upload some pictures. I will be thrilled to see the children who look so wonderful, happy, healthy and hug-able. Love to all, XXXOOO


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