early christmas and st. nicholas day

The boys are in the middle of their archery class and have a few more weeks to go. Landon really wanted a bow this year, William would enjoy it if he got one. We didn't want them to get it and not be able to use it right away, so Eric gave it to them this weekend. They are both very excited to use them.

We also left our slippers out for St. Nicholas and Harkin is happily showing off what everyone (almost everyone) received. A candy cane and a new little wooden race car. Issabelle did not get a candy cane but is enjoying zooming her car around just like her brothers.  They pull back and go by themselves so they can have some cool races. Also they are numbered 1-4 and as according to birth order they have their number. Landon figured this one out on his own.

It was a fun weekend and is nice to spread some of the gifting out so it is not so crazy on Christmas day.

I also got a new dryer- not intended for a gift but a necessity since the two that are in the house both broke.

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  1. The bows look great. And St Nicholas is something else. The candy cane is almost as big as Harkin. Love the idea of races with the new cars. We are so happy for all of you. The children look wonderful. Where is Issabelle?


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