pete the cat

Several months ago I picked up a book at goodwill about Pete the Cat. I read it once to Harkin and he was hooked. He read it every day, several times a day, for weeks on end. We then found other stories at the library about Pete. The stories are catchy and just fun. A big plus was that Harkin had brown shoes, just like Pete.

A few weeks ago we passed a library that said Pete was coming for a visit. I asked Harkin if he wanted to go and he said "No". Oh well, I thought. But then the next day he asked if today was the day to go and see Pete. Every day he asked for the next three weeks.

Finally the day came and we all went. Harkin wanted everyone to be there, especially Daddy.  It was cute to see him  so excited. The big boys asked what he was going to say to Pete. Harkin decided he had to show Pete everything he had in his little snack bag that day. It was really funny, and thankfully everyone at the library was very patient.

So we are back on the streak of reading Pete the Cat book everyday, lots of times a day. The joys of toddler hood.

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  1. Can't wait to meet Pete the cat. I am on the lookout. Does anyone see the humor of Harkin liking a cat? Love, XXXOOO


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