this little lady

Our sweet girl is 3 weeks old already. She is weighing in at 10 lbs 12 ounces. And she is starting to outgrow the 0-3 months clothing. We are all getting adjusted to the lack of sleep. She loves to be held all night long, but will sleep in her bed during the day. It will work itself out one day.

She currently is being treated fro reflux, since she was spitting up so much and it kept coming out of her nose. My poor baby.  The Dr. says that she will outgrow it eventually.

The boys are loving her dearly. They get very concerned when she starts to cry. They love holding her and giving her kisses. Jaxson is a bit indifferent to her. Just another monkey he thinks.

Mama and Daddy are so in awe of her and love snuggling with her late at night when all the big brothers are sleeping. Her tiny hands and sweet smell are just a joy. So grateful that she decided to join our family.


  1. She is beautiful. I see William in her :) Enjoy all those snuggles. xo

  2. She's gotten so big! Emma had reflux (and cow's milk protein allergy) from birth to almost age two. Drop me a line if you have any questions! xo

  3. Lady Issabelle is wonderful and delightful to look at. Beautiful baby! XXXOOO


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