the fun began and ended

When Grammy and Grampy come "the fun begins", and did we have fun. The boys had big plans to go and do some field trips but since we are so far away from everything we were a little weary of traveling so near my due date.  So we stayed close to home and played outside and played inside. The boys kept their grandparents busy almost every moment of the day. I had to instill a set quiet time every day so Grampy could get his nap.

They needed to head back home yesterday, which we are all sad about. It was a wonderful visit and only wish we could all live just a little bit closer.


  1. A beautiful picture. Everyone looks so happy.

  2. What a fabulous picture! So glad that they were able to meet Harkin!

  3. Thank you!!!! We enjoy your family soooooooooooooooooo much. XXXOOO


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