the beginnings of march

So the first week of march has come and gone. We were home mostly with a just a few days out for rock climbing and skiing. The weather is still a bit weird for this time of year but cold enough at the mountain to keep the snow there for awhile longer. While home we have been baking, reading, playing, creating and outsides lots. The river is lots of fun with ice or raging waters, depending upon the day.

This is the first day of Eric's vacation. We were just going to do stuff close to home but unfortunately he has been very sick the past week. We are hoping and praying that he recovers soon. We all need him to be better and watching him in such pain hasn't been easy. There is nothing I can do to help and it drives me crazy.

Our days will continue to be slow and steady and filled with love at home.

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  1. Aren't these two adorable?! Hope the rest of vacation was fun! XXXOOO


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