dinner by Landon

Landon made us dinner Friday night with his kidstir subscription. It is always so much fun to be in the kitchen with one of my kids. We are able to talk and spend good quality time together and learn new recipes and techniques. We were so into dinner that I kinda forgot to get pictures of the finished products. He made a fancy flavored chicken that was cooked inside of parchment paper. A new way for us. Then roasted root veggies- they were absolutely delicious and for the end- lava cakes. As you can see we all enjoyed those.

He really likes this subscription box. It gives us new recipes and each month Landon gets new gadgets to cook with, which he thinks is pretty awesome.


  1. Dinner sounds delicious! Well done, Landon! We'll have to take a peek at Kidstir! xo

  2. Chef Landon! Looks so yummy! Enjoy! XXXOOO


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