7 hours on the water

We spent a full day at the lake this week. 7 Hours! It flew by since we were with friends and had kayaks and paddle boards to pass the time. Everyone had such a great time it was hard to leave. We were tired after a long day in the sun but as you can see everyone had such a great time. Harkin was so pleased with himself that he could paddle the kayak all by himself. His older brother was sweet to share. Oh, how I love summer days.

1 comment:

  1. Summer days are the best. The children look wonderfully cute and accomplished. Way to go Harkin, paddling the kayak! Issabelle is adorable standing by the beach ready to go with her floaty and big floppy hat. Her laugh in the second to last picture is contagious. Landon and William look so grown up paddling on their own. Wonderful day, wonderful family and wonderful mama for taking them to the lake. XXXOOO


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