daddy's birthday

We celebrated Eric's birthday recently and went on a new adventure. It was a rainy day so we went to the new Stowe bowling alley. It was rather cozy. It only had about 8 lanes and then there were these nice comfy couches to sit on and yummy snacks to munch while playing. Everyone played and had lots of fun.
We then came home to relax and celebrate with ice cream. Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband and amazing father.


  1. Happy Birthday to our first born. You make us very proud in all you do. We love you and your family dearly. Thank you for being such a wonderful, thoughtful and accomplished son. Love M & D XXXOOO

  2. What a great way to celebrate! And seriously, I had no idea that they made bowling shoes for such little ones!

    Hope that he had a wonderful birthday and that ya'll are enjoying this gorgeous 4th of July weekend! xo


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