dressing up

What fun the kids had getting dressed up for Halloween. Several days before there were many costume decisions and tryouts. Issabelle was a knight before she became a bee. She was toasty warm since she had so many layers on.
Trick or treating was fun.  Harkin especially thought it was awesome. He was so excited every time he got a piece of candy in his bag. William was  good sport. He took Issabelle up every time and she was a sweet sister as she shared her candy with him. He got a few pieces but many people felt he was a bit old I think to be trick or treating- he is so tall. He decided it would be his last year officially going out, but I am sure he will manage to get candy. The ninja was quiet and managed to get the most candy. He's a sneaky one:)

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  1. The trick or treaters look wonderful. Love the costumes. I totally disagree with the idea that William is to old to go. He dressed up and obviously was with family. I am just saying I am on William's side.


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