thanksgiving day

We had such a relaxing day at home. The two little ones and I crafted turkeys in the early hours, then we played in the snow all morning only to come into a delightful lunch - made by Eric. Then we had a quiet afternoon of naps and games. The kids went back outside in the late afternoon and built a huge snowman together. Eric pretty much made all of dinner. I only contributed the bread. He made ham, potatoes, and onions. William made cranberry sauce. And then for desert we had an awesome cheesecake made by Will. It was peaceful and all was calm. Just the way we like it. Thankful to be together.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all. The snowman is huge. The pictures are wonderful. The tallest to the shortest. Love it all. Food sounds so good and the cheesecake looks yummy. Good job all. XXXOOO

  2. Goodness, it has been awhile since I have stopped in...everyone has gotten so big. Sounds like you had a lovely day. Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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