creating this week

Lots of good stuff going on. We started the week with fun cotton balls that were actually the snow coming down. Such a simple activity but the two of them had tons of fun and thought it was so neat to use cotton balls. Nice and soft they said.

Harkin created a cape for an orphan. We are using a new subscription crate that makes things for a charity organization. I wasn't sure how it would go but he got the concept and understood what we were doing. We talked a lot  about it and he helped mail it, so there was plenty of involvement.

Landon was busy making Issabelle a birthday present. She was watching but doesn't realize it is for her.

Today while the big boys were skiing we kept busy making a penguin bowling set and then just tinkering on our own with their cool new pencil cases filled with neat stuff.

We certainly keep busy around here. Everyone hits the pillow hard and tries to get a full nights rest.😃

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  1. What great creations. What did Landon make for Issabelle? Love the idea to make things for orphans. Where is William while all this is going on? Love, XXXOOO


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