the first days of 2017

Hard to believe we are 2 weeks into the new year. With nothing much on our calendar we have been spending most days at home. It has been pretty awesome.

Games have been played and invented. Harkin learned how to play backgammon and absolutely loves it! He wants to play every chance he can manage to find an opponent willing to play. He loves when it works out in his favor of course, but is learning you can't always win.

Issabelle and I have had Sunday afternoons to ourselves. They have been quiet, filled with crafting, stickers and snuggle time. Really quite nice.

We started a puzzle and are almost done. We love these- they have so many cool facts on them- definitely a learning experience.

Some tinkering has been going on. Landon made a levitating pencil holder. Learning all about magnets and the poles. He really enjoys his monthly boxes. Very neat activities each time.

Plenty of cold fresh air with some exploring or a bit of driveway ice hockey.

A few day have gotten us out to the mountain and a couple of  performances in Burlington.

That's about it but it is just right for us at the moment.

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