the girls

We had a date with the girls today.

Astrid and Gwen- the boys simply adore them!

We went to a sunflower maze. Everyone had such a great time running through it and there were posts to stop at and answer questions. The correct answer would tell you what direction to go in.

Whenever it was to go right, Landon would say "My side of the car." He knows is directions from our car rides.

The girls have the cutest little brother who loves to follow the gang.

Once finished with the maze, we found a few other things to do.
Such as:

rolling down hills

climbing trees

peach picking

It was hard to say goodbye, but we know we will see them soon. So glad we have found such great friends!


  1. How fine! I've never seen a sunflower maze!

  2. so cool! where was the sunflower maze? I am so glad you are getting together with the girls. I knew you would all get along!


  3. A date with the girls appears to have been a great success. What a glorious way to spend the day. Love, XXXOOO

  4. They are the best girls, aren't they? Looks like you all had a great time, was it at Lymans?


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