Hike, Bike and Crash?

Well the day started out so nicely.
Homemade Granola for breakfast.
Time for a hike! Gritty was so excited- she hasn't come with us in awhile.
But for some reason today I forget my camera!
It was nice not having to actually carry it until we made it to the scenic view and there were 8 hawks flying at eye level. They weren't actually flying but coasting and rising on the thermals. It was amazing- we sat there for 15 min. watching them and not once did they flap their wings.
Then I was really kicking myself for leaving the camera at home. I suppose the clicking of the shutter though could have ruined the peacefulness of the moment. (At least that is what I keep telling myself).

We arrived out of the woods 2 hours later. Landon was so proud of himself. He walked the entire way. No backpack for him!

Then my sweet husband wanted to try and find the "Tag Sale of the Decade". No joke-that is what the signs advertised. Once we found it- it was a huge bust! Sale of the minute, maybe.

So when we get home, Eric goes for his bike ride.
20 min. later I get a call from an unknown number saying to come and pick him up. He had had a fall.
(It was actually a crash from another biker who did not know what the heck he was doing!)
The questions and concern from the boys the entire car ride there. Like I had the answers. I hadn't seen daddy yet.
We pull up and he doesn't look too bad. He turns his face and that is when I see the blood.
There is a 5 inch gash right above his eye. He is walking and talking so he's o.k.
When we get home Eric decides to go to the emergency room. There was a bit of skin/tissue hanging out. He's back within an hour. The Dr.'s give him a tetanus shot and send him on his merry way. No bandages or anything. He will survive, but with plenty of soreness.

Seems like our life has been full of excitement these past few weeks. But, hey we're still here right?

One more thing among this day- William lost his second tooth this afternoon. He just pulled it out. No pain or blood yet again. What the day be like when there actually is I just don't know.
Hope the tooth fairy remembers to drop by.


  1. WOW what a day! Congratulations to William yet again another tooth. Love to see pictures of the toothless grin. Glad Eric is okay and would love to see a picture of injury (I love wounds) as well. Yippy Landon for big boy hiking. And all my best to the mom that keeps this household running so smoothly even in the unexpected events of the day. Love to all, XXXOOO

  2. OOh It did start out so lovely. I am really glad that Eric is ok! Accidents are not fun..


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