Today was a full day but with such smooth harmony and rhythm. We did a lot but it felt so peaceful as the day went on.

We made Pineapple Moon balls. A little recipe William found in one of his magazines and was dying to try.

We nicknamed them Messy Moon balls instead. The boys had a great time mixing the sticky mess with their hands.
Then there are the tastings.

What was it exactly- crushed pineapple, honey, sunflower seeds, cranberries, and cream cheese all mixed together and rolled in graham cracker crumbs or coconut.

Then our first wood of the season was delivered. Of course they had to help.

Then onto a birthday party for the rest of the afternoon.

Before all of this we also did our yoga class(taught by mommy)
story time,
creative play,
and our walk.
It was truly a sweet home day!
And I am feeling oh, so much better!

1 comment:

  1. Moon balls? Really great Moon Balls!!! What a grand day. This should live in the memory bank forever. Love, XXXOOO


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