Pattern Blocks

I thought I would start posting a little here an there about some of our intentional learning activities that we love.

This past week the boys explored with pattern blocks on there own. They made amazing designs and patterns, even made a few sculptures. (I missed the photo op. They were having so much fun and kept changing their creations before I could get there).

Then I discovered this book in my past teaching boxes in the attic.
William is working through the book slowly. He does a few pages each day.

It starts with the outline and all you have to do is put the correct shapes. It then gradually increases in difficulty. Some pages will tell you how many shapes to use.
He really had to think about his work the other day. He had completed the picture but didn't have the correct amount of shapes. So he had to move things around.

He is having fun while learning and loving it - which is what my goal aims to be :)


  1. What a fabulous goal! To have accomplished it. Good job Rose! Great activity and good work William. Love, XXXOOO


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