Monday's Adventures

The day started with William losing his front tooth while eating cereal, so he accidentally swallowed it. He is very nervous the tooth fairy will be upset. We left a note and I reassured him that tooth fairies understand this type of thing.
We were then off to see a play, Strega Nona. We have read all of the books by Tomie dePaola and the boys were so excited to see how it was to come together. They wove many of the stories into the play. There is this cute little poem that Strega Nona says when she is using her magic pasta pot. The boys had it memorized and were chiming in as the actors were singing it. It was really exciting to see them be so enthusiastic about the show.

Once the play was finished we ate lunch in the car that we had prepared this morning and then off to our weekly library trip. We love checking out new libraries. This one was so neat!

A small entrance just for little people.
The Farm.
Whispering Tubes.
The Castle
Where of course a show had to be performed for mommy.

It seemed as if we were at a children's museum rather than the library but we did come home with three bags full of books! Plenty to keep us busy.
They were both arguing with me when I told them to put some back because they would not fit into the bags. "Oh,we'll just carry them." they say.
Well guess who has to carry 50 books to the car? Uh, ME!
It was a full day, and a really great one.


  1. What a fun day! I don't think that that library could be any cooler!

  2. DAMN! Where is THAT library? The play was a good time, thanks again for organizing it.

  3. Wow, what a great library! Is that the one downtown on the Post Road? Now I'm kicking myself for not tagging along :) The kids wanted to get home to play outside! Strega Nona was so fun, they were both begging to read the book again at bedtime and still laughing hysterically about the goat eating the laundry, haha:)

  4. Sorry we missed some of you at the library. We will be going back after the next show in March.

  5. Again a great day made possible by you dear Rose. What town were you in? The library should win all kinds of awards and you should also! The boys look so big. They do keep growing don't they. Hold on a minute so Grammy can savor every moment. Love, XXXOOO

  6. Congratulations William. I am sure the tooth fairy is familiar with swallowing teeth. Did you ever find it? Love, XXXOOO P.S. Grampy wondered it there was a 10% discount, and I told him of course not if anything there should be a 10% premium for disposal fee.


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