Conquering the Mountain

Today was awesome. I took the boys skiing by myself. We went locally- (an hour and 1/2).

We had so much fun. We tried out blues and black diamonds for the first time and there was no worries so we challenged ourselves.

Conquer the entire mountain. We had to hunt for a few trails and work on some (hike up hill rather than down) but we did it. We skiied for about 41/2 hours all together, but time just flew by, we were having so much fun.

A few falls by Landon, but he would get up with a smile on his face and say "Pretty cool wipe out".

There skiing kinda matches their personality.

Will a bit more serious, makes nice big turns and stays at a steady pace.

Landon, a little character with no fear, heads down the mountain with a bit of speed. He's not out of control just ready to go! He says "I turn , but just not so much".

These are the days I so enjoy. There were some great conversations on the chair lift about all kinds of things. Such wonderful bonding that I would miss if they were somewhere else learning.

I am grateful to be learning and living with them every day, all day.

Surely blessed!


  1. You are surely blessed to be able to be your children's mother, teacher, guide, consoler, friend, playmate, mentor ....And we are blessed to be the Grammy and Grampy of such loved, and well cared for children. Thank you again Rose for all you do for the boys, all the boys in your life. We are truly grateful and blessed beyond imagination for having you in our lives. Love you dearly, XXOOO

  2. What a day! I have to get my kids to the mountain this winter!


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