Hard to believe that my baby is four! We had a great day at home and then headed North for our vacation!
Snaky- mama's handmade gift and an instant favorite friend.
His first bike = FREEDOM!

We celebrated with not one but two cakes and candles. (Eric and I made a castle cake. Landon had all the plans set with just how he wanted it)

Hibachi was his choice of dinner. We love watching it cook and seeing the onions on fire.

I am so grateful that Landon is part of our family. He is such a blessing.


  1. We are so glad Landon is part of the family too!!! What a grand birthday. Happy Birthday Landon. Love, XXXOOO

  2. Happy fourth birthday to Landon! Love the birthday hat! Looks like most wonderful way to celebrate turning four! Lots of fourth birthday talk in our house lately, but it's still a good few months off yet (Grace turns four in July). Enjoy!


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