Opening Day

William was so excited for his first game. This is the first time he has played baseball with a team and has been looking forward to it for months now.

He did a super job at hitting- two hits and made it to first both times.

They only play two innings at the moment and only let them run one base at time. This is a beginners league, which is great for learning how to play. The coaches have said that by the end of the season things will be more realistic towards a proper game. However, this is just right for now.We had a fun day watching and came home to play even more baseball with dad's rules.

The night ended with a little ice cream and TV.

1 comment:

  1. Look at the Yankee in the making! My Grandpa told us to always root for the Yankees. Go Yankees. Love the eye on the ball technique William displays in the last picture. I think all that practice at home with Dad's good advise has paid off. What flavor ice cream did you have? Love, XXXOOO


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