Holiday Book Collection

I usually try and go to the library and stock up on holiday books for us to read.  I just didn't get to it this year, but as I went through our own bookshelves, I discovered we have quite a few of our own books to celebrate the season.

Every year we add one more to the collection. This year it was: The Cricket and The Shepherd Boy by Reg Down. We love all of his Tiptoes books and so I knew it would be a wonderful addition.  

Having our own collection is wonderful. Every year it is like reconnecting with an old friend whom we have not seen in awhile.  The boys look forward to reading them over every year.  The one book that is not pictured is 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.  I have it tucked away ready for Christmas Eve when Eric will do his traditional reading right before bed.  Our traditions are small gestures but they are ones that I hope the boys will remember fondly as they grow older.


  1. Wonderful collection, wonderful traditions. Love to all, XXXOOO

  2. How cool is it that Reg Down read this post. Thanks so much. We really do adore all your books!


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