Winter Weekends

After full days of skiing we get to come home to a place in the mountains.  Our home away from home for the Winter months.

It is a quiet place with a pretty amazing view.  I love walking Gritty at night because I can see thousands of stars. 

After a little snack the boys head back outside to play in the yard. 

It is quite the adventure for us.  

Take a close look at this next picture.  It is a wonderful view but if you look down by the road you will see our black Nissan at the bottom of the driveway.  Yep.  It is about a 1/4 mile walk up the driveway.  You could drive it if your car would make it but ours does not.  We tried. We ended up in a the ditch next to the driveway. AAA came and pulled us out. At 12:30 am. Quite the adventure.

Instead, we all get a bit of exercise trucking our stuff up to the house.  

It is loads of fun, especially when you are slipping all over the place because your Uggs have no traction, and a yellow hound dog is way too excited that she pulls you like a sled dog, but there is no sled.  Or you have to carry a 30 pound tub of dishes.  My sweet husband is wonderful! Not one was broken. Quite the adventure.(our new motto)

Through it all we are just happy to have place to sleep and be able to spend so much time in Vermont this Winter.  And of course we are making memories with lots of stories to add to our family's history:)

Happy Monday to all. Hope it's an adventure!


  1. Oh my gosh, that looks divine! I would love to have a place in Vermont! Maybe someday.....Of course, I would love to get our girls on skis too. With any luck that will happen this year! Enjoy and breathe in some of that lovely Vermont air for me!

  2. Love the woods in winter with snow all around. Delighted you are able to get away to such a great place. Love to all, XXXOOO

  3. I love Vermont! you are lucky indeed!

    So nice to have strong husbands!


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