Wrapping Up Numbers

We are all about using what we have and decorating our own paper.  I have had these Christmas stickers for over 7 years now.  I got a ton, I  mean really a ton, when some Odd Lot or something was closing down years ago. Anyways after deciding upon a ribbon, Landon wanted to decorate with stickers. (He just loves to stick.) 

As I sat there watching Landon wrap his present to William I was simply amazed.  It only reinforced the idea that there really is learning in everything. If you look closely (some are hiding behind the bow) you will see that he had to have equal amount of stickers in each box that the ribbon so perfectly made. 

He was making equal sets without using worksheets or any direction from me.  

I just love this life learning thing:)


  1. Isn't it wonderful to let them just go and learn. I love what you do every day. I love what the boys do every day. And I love being able to see it through your blog. Thanks again Rose for all you do as a wonderful mother, wife and daughter. Love, XXXOOO

  2. I agree, this life learning thing is pretty fab! Merry Christmas, Rosemarie! Hope you and your family have a wonderful day full of lots of magic and great memories! May the rest of 2011 be just as great and I hope that we can get together sometime in 2012! xo

  3. Hi Shel, Hope you had a wonderful weekend and would love to meet up in 20012!


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