Meet Nibblet.  He was created by William for his Daddy.  Will drew a picture of the little guy and then I helped him cut out the fabric pieces.  He then proceeded to do all of the sewing himself. I just sat nearby in case he needed anything. He as become quite the good at using the machine. 

We have been sewing together now since he was around 4. I am a self taught so we learn as we go along.

He was very proud of himself and loves the fact that when he walks into Eric's room, Nibblet can be found sitting next to Eric while he reads. Sometimes he even sleeps with him.  It has been fun seeing how the little guy has taken on a life of his own.

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  1. Welcome to the family Nibblet. You are adorable. Congratulations to William on a job well done! Love the new picture. I enjoy to the pictures they become like friends. But what fun it is to see new ones and your handy work with the camera. Another job well done! Love to all, XXXOOO


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