we made it to the island

We went to the beach with some friends. The boys were determined to cross the sandbar this time to the island. It all seemed so mysterious to them. When we got tot he beach at 10:30 it was just high tide. How long did we have to wait until it would be low?? Um, 6 1/2 hours.

No one thought we would be there that long, or I should say the moms, because the kids weren't budging until we made it there. All day they kept on checking. Finally around 3:30 it was actually walkable.  Everyone was thrilled. It took us a half hour to walk across each way. Not too much to see on the island itself, but the that we walked across this huge water way was all the excitement the kids needed.  Oh, how that spirit of childhood is so wonderful!!

It was an awesome day with some pretty awesome people. 


  1. It was a great day, and a grand adventure, and we are all pretty darn awesome!

  2. Nothing like a great adventure in the summer. Congratulations on making it to the island. Love, XXXOOO

  3. I have the raccoon suntan as a result. I'm fond of it. It was a great day!


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