january days gone by



I am not sure just where January went, but it is gone now, isn't it?

Well we spent pretty much every day at home. I believe we actually went out into the world about 6 times this month. We were in serious hibernation mode. It just felt good to be home.

There were so many very cold days that we stayed in our pj's most of the day and snuggled and read. On the days we were out there were library stops to fill up on books and more books.

We were also sick for about a week (this last one). So that we didn't want to do anything, but there was breakfast in bed for the infirm.

Many battles occurred, and one little boy who could not be apart of it, so not happy about it all.
Several days of baking- we have eaten a bit too many cakes and cookies this month.
There was lots of knitting going on. Always a good thing.

A bit more house repairs than I care to mention. Yuck. Missing Daddy while he travels back and forth to CT to fix those problems.

Not very much skiing happening - needing to get back to that.

While the month went by in what seems like a moment, there were some very good moments of living our life. 

So here's to a new month of this wonderful life.

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  1. Playing with yarn, reading in bed, stacking blocks, baking and battles, playing and reading, sounds like a great month. Love to all, XXXOOO


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