our pen pal exchange

One of the amazing benefits of blogging is connecting with others throughout the world. Kim mentioned one day that she would love to connect through the mail. Since we love getting mail and also writing it we decided it would be great fun to become pen pals with her and her son, Reece.

The boys sent off some rocks that they had collected around our area. Then Reece sent back some rocks from Canada. They are so wonderful. Round and smooth. The boys were so excited to add them to their collections.

There was even a little something for myself. Thanks Kim!


  1. Yay you got it! So happy the boys enjoyed the rocks. I forgot to mention that they are all from the shores of Lake Ontario...that is why they are so smooth :)

    Enjoy your goodies.

  2. Reece sent the girls some of those rocks too last autumn! They really are amazingly smooth! We should get a three way exchange going between our families. Maybe a Flat Gnome exchange (like flat Stanley)! How fun would that be?! xo

    1. I think it would be fun to do something like that. For years I have been saying we wanted to do an activity with this book called The Traveling Pillow. You all just might be the people to do it with... we'll have to talk more.

  3. What a grand idea! Enjoy the rocks. They are beautiful and so smooth. XXXOOO


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