labor and delivery

 right after my water broke

 monday morning as we set off for the hospital

 waiting for things to get going

  about an hour after she was born

 big brothers come to visit

already finding her thumb, only 1 1/2 hours old

I had just put Harkin down for the night. While I was trying to get up, my water broke. This was at 8:30 Sunday night. I was not going to the hospital until I had contractions on a regular basis. Last time with Harkin I spent a very uncomfortable night in the hospital. So I slept in my regular bed and snuggled with Harkin. I had  a few contractions during the night and then early morning they started to come a bit more regularly. I woke, showered,  ate a little breakfast and then set off to the hospital.

We checked in and got settled and then nothing was happening. No contractions. Since I had stayed home and it had been over 12 hours since my water broke they started me on Oxytocin.  Not much I could do. Once that started the contractions came regularly and much more quickly.

About 5:30 I began pushing. I thought I was pushing forever but Eric assures me it was only like 20 minutes. It was a bit painful. She was not wanting to come out so easily. But then she did and all was well. She went right onto my chest and stayed there for the next few hours before they even weighed and measured her. I was pretty exhausted and starving. Eric went and got me a huge sandwich.

The boys came to visit right away and everyone was so happy. 
Harkin went home and spent the night with Daddy. It was a bit tough but they managed. 

Mine and  Issabelle's night went well. We slept for about 4 hours before she decided to wake on a more consistent basis.  Then we would snuggle and nurse. I was in awe of her and am thoroughly in love.

However, I missed my boys terribly. I wanted to go home.  Thankfully they gave the O.K by Tuesday evening. We walked in the door to big hugs and kisses.

And so life as a family of six began......


  1. Lovely photos. A family of!

  2. I went home early too. On her way home from visiting me and Lilah in the hospital she fell and hit her head and was brought to the same hospital in an ambulance. She was fine, very large bruise that thankfully swelled out, not in, but Greg was just a mess. I checked myself out and Lilah and I headed home a day early, which was fine by both of us. Enjoy this time. Thanks for sharing!


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