projects, projects

The boys kept Grampy busy, or Grampy kept the boys busy, with lots of projects while he was visiting.

First there was a wooden cradle to be put together for Issabelle. It isn't quite finished yet, but that is OK since she won;t be playing with it for a bit. Grampy is going to put the finishing touches on it and then bring it back the next time they come visit. It is a doll cradle fro when she is really onto that whole thing.

Then there were some broken toys to be mended.

And one of the things that the boys had been waiting patiently for Grampy was to whittle and make sling shots. Grampy came prepared with some cool rubber,  leather pouches and marbles to shoot. Lots of fun was had by all.

It was great having Grampy to help the boys with all these projects, especially since the temps were in the single digits and Grampy's blood had gone thin from living  in Florida :)

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  1. Fun projects. The boys all did a wonderful job repairing, whittling and building. XXXOOO


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