Growing up one of my favorite Fall activities was going to the fair.  It always fell right around my birthday so it was something I associated with the big day.  It's a great fair for animals, crafts, exhibits and of course rides.  We have gone almost every year since we have been married. The year I was pregnant with William I remember walking down the food rows craving almost everything I could, ending up with sausage and peppers.  Will's pregnancy was a meat eating one.

With the kids we have gone on and off, but now that they are older I can manage the day by myself.  So instead of fighting the weekend crowds, we went on Friday.  I never imagined we would spend the entire day there but time just flew by. 6 hours!  The boys were old enough to get wrist bands this year - a huge deal for them.  So we took our time and had fun. We saw animals, listened to music, rode lots of rides, checked out the photography exhibit, crafts, and ate.   One of the highlights was seeing pig races.  William picked out the winning pig and got to go up and get a blue ribbon.  He was thrilled with this.  

I really cherished this day with my boys and hope it will start a tradition.


  1. Those little racing piglets are the cutest things ever! How I would have loved to watch that race!

  2. It's me again....I was given a blog award and am passing it on to you. Check out my blog for details. I link to yours.

  3. Love all the photos. The boys seem to like the more daring rides. Isn't that typical of boys. Love to all, XXXOO


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