issabelle right now

:: I believe she is teething. She is chewing on everything and has an extremely strong bite if you let her suck on your finger.

:: Grabbing out for everything. She sometimes pulls the boys' hair.

:: Found her toes this week and is so very excited about it.

:: Watching us as we eat and makes movements with her lips as if she wants to eat. We're not there yet, still all mama's milk.  Did have a drink of water though the other day.

:: Her face lights up whenever she sees one of us. She knows who her family is and seems to adore us.

:: Has the cutest rolls you ever did see.

:: Is sitting up  and wants to see everything. Gets so mad when she is laying down and can't see.

:: Spending lots of time on her belly and made herself scoot around in a circle.

:: Still working on the whole nap thing. She takes cat naps and then loves to just be in mama's arms all day long.

:: Has become quite the chatter box. Especially first thing in the morning. Which is by far my favorite time of day with her. We snuggle when no one else is awake and tell secrets to one another.

She's my sweet girl.

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  1. Issabelle is just right. She looks so adorable. I need to hold her and kiss her. Just think all Mama's milk. Good job! Love, XXXOOO


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