June 1

A day full of errands and appointments.

First we had Issabelle's 4 month check up. She is doing great! 18 lbs 13 oz. 26 inches long. There is no problem with her growing. She did have two shots and gave a little whimper. William said she had so much extra stuff around her legs that it didn't hurt her. The things big brothers will say!!

Then the two big boys had dentist appointments. Everything looks good. William has no more baby teeth ;(

We headed to the library for a small load of books. The boys like to see if we go over the limit. Not this time. Only 38. Issabelle slept the whole time we were there on Mama's chest.

We left and there was a small melt down. Harkin was tired and hungry, so we stopped for a quick bite to eat and then headed home. However, Harkin fell asleep 5 minutes from the house so instead of coming home and waking him we continued to drive. We decided to go and pick up William's needle felted guys from the yarn store. We had left them there for display.

Once home the boys played in the garage for a bit. It was raining pretty hard. Then they came in to chill and watch a show. There was popcorn made by Will for an afternoon snack.

Mama made pie crust and quiche while the boys read and practiced their handwriting. An earlier dinner. We had two little ones who were very tired.

Bath time for Harkin and Landon, they have so much fun playing with their cars. I love how Harkin wants his brothers to help him some times. He wants them to do everything, but they won't change the diaper. I can understand that. Issabelle hangs out with William on his bed while he reads. She always has a smile for him and he is so great at keeping her happy.

Daddy comes home and everyone is happy. Kisses for all and snuggles before bed. Then quiet time for the big boys. I have a chance to read tonight with Will and Lan, since the littles fell asleep so quickly. I love reading with them. It is one of my favorite things and many nights it doesn't happen because it takes me so long to put Issabelle and Harkin to sleep. I either fall asleep with them or when I come out of the room, the boys are asleep already. So I felt good that I got to read tonight.

Another day in this life of ours.


  1. Gosh she is getting so big. Your day sounds full, but in a good way, with a beautiful family, and lots of love.

  2. What a glorious day. Issabelle has asked for the keys to the car already? I just want to know where she thinks she is going. Love with hugs and kisses for all, XXXOOO


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