the beginning of summer

We spent our first day at the lake. It was rather chilly to begin with but by mid-day it warmed up quite well. Harkin had a blast in the sand and water.

A friend of ours had kayaks and all the kids had so much fun in them all day long. I never really saw William that day- he stayed in the water or on a kayak the entire time. Landon would have too but needed to get warm now and again. They were so loving these kayaks.  They were the perfect size for them and so easy to maneuver. Harkin even got in the action.

Then it was Issabelle's first time at the lake. She was pretty well covered all day. Maybe by summers end she will put her feet in the water... we'll see.

It was such a fun day and we are hoping to make it a weekly meet up with all of our friends.


  1. What a gorgeous day and a gorgeous lake! Enjoy your first summer as a mama of four! xo

  2. A great day at the lake. I certainly hope you are able to make this a weekly event. Fresh air, sand and water what a combo. All the children look so grown up and big. I miss them terribly. Love, XXXOOO


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