potions and such

It seems to be we are meant to be at the library. Tonight the boys participated in a Harry Potter night. It was actually really cool. They got sorted into a house after filling out a questionnaire, then they got to go around and do some activities. There were chocolate frogs and butter beer to taste. They each received an owl and a wand.  It was all very cute. Issabelle and Harkin enjoyed watching all the big kids do their thing.

We then had to leave quickly to go yet to another library where William was volunteering. The teen group was making valentine treats for Meals on Wheels. Thankfully I was able to leave him there and Eric could pick him up. I got the other three home, fed and into bed. It was a busy evening out and everyone was tired at the end.

We had archery this morning and plenty of outside time so it was a good day. Tomorrow is home with lesson and house work to be done. Possibly a little playing and fun thrown into the mix. Then the weekend is here and hoping to spend lots of time with Eric. This has been a late week for him and most nights the little ones are already asleep when he gets home. We're all missing him. Also hoping for snow, we desperately need some.

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  1. Who knew that libraries were such fun. The boys look wonderful. Kisses all around. XXXOOO


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