February 1st

This was the snow that we had during January. Now it is February 1st already and we had temps nearing 45 degrees today. It was wet, icy and rainy. The boys were excited to go and explore some of our woods they had not been to before. I was so overly tired today. Working on 3 hours of sleep did not make for a happy mommy today. Issabelle and Harkin kept me up most of the night. Issabelle had her 1 year check up this morning  and is doing great. She had to get one shot and did not even flinch. She was staring down the nurse, kinda like saying you can't get to me. It was pretty amazing. Not much else got done today. There was lots of chaos and a bit of painting. Hoping for a better nights sleep and then a brand new day of goodness.

1 comment:

  1. Oh for a good night sleep. Catch a nap when you can. Wish we were closer to give you a hand. Love to all, XXXOOO


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