rainy day at the library

The rain was coming down and the wind was howling when we woke up. We needed a day out of the house and Will was short on books. (He always is, since he averages a book a day) We headed to a new to us library. Landon was excited- he has really taken off on the reading bug this past month and is starting to devour books.

There was a story time for Harkin and Issabelle. That wasn't too great, only my two and one other girl, but there was a great play area. Which looking at these pictures you will notice the boys playing and their younger sister picking out chapter books already. She's a genius:).

I wanted to get a picture of her in this silly outfit, she wasn't very cooperative but did like climbing on the chair. While I was getting her in pj's tonight it finally dawned on me whom she reminded me of with the dress and tights. Pippi Longstocking.

The rain finally stopped when we got home and after an hour or so of quiet reading all the boys headed outside to dig. They filled 8 buckets of sand that they found and made a huge pile for later use.

I am off to read through all of my new books from the library. There isn't too much more exciting than opening the pages of a new book. So much to learn and experience, right from the comfy of your bed or couch.

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  1. Ah for the pleasure of reading. I can't imagine not having a good book ready to pick up. You are so good to take the children to all those libraries. How fortunate they are to have two parents who love to read. The children look grand. Love the tights on Issabelle. XXXOOO


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