stories coming to life

This morning as I was getting ready to run and the boys were beginning their play, Landon has a definite idea in his head.

"Mom where is the Peter book, the one with the egg in it that falls."  

Now we have been reading all of BILL PETE books at night, which they have been loving, so I know what he is referring to: The Ant and the Elephant. I help Landon find the book and then stand back and watch what his plan is.

He sits. He searches the book and then "Oh yeah, that's who comes next"  He has all his little animals set around his room reenacting the story. Mind you, a bunny is the elephant, an armadillo the turtle and so on. He doesn't care that his animals really don't match what they should be. They are like that in his little head. 

I just smile as I finish tying my shoes. He's got it all together and is really loving the stories. He has made a connection.. one that I hope will last a life time with books.


  1. Another wonderful example of what a good mother you are and what an incredible imagination Landon has. I just love it. Love, XXXOOO

  2. Miss seeing pictures but can picture the thoughts running through Landon's head

  3. I love that!
    Mine do that almost every day. Re-enact stories, that is.
    Always, always makes me smile!


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