on the road of life

Crazy that it is April 1st. The joke is really on me. Time is flying by and I don't always seem to feel like I am really here. Life has been busy this past month and I seem to be tired a lot lately. We had a nice Easter. Ski club has officially ended. Warmer weather is trying to make its way here but temps are only suppose to be in the high 20's next week.  The kids are growing, learning  and having fun. I am hoping to get more organized and blog more often. We'll keep on moving along and take it all in. It's all good.


  1. Oh my gosh, that one picture with the lollypop is too funny! And seriously, he looks like he's 17 there! :)

    Time is flying by too quickly for my liking too! Happy Spring, friend! xo

    1. He is making a face because he was eating an ant lollipop from his history unboxed subscription.

  2. The children look wonderful. Time does fly by. Enjoy every minute. I know I enjoy seeing all the activity. XXXOOO


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